Past items that were already sold... donated... awarded... given... kept... absconded with... etc.

For whatever the reason... these items are no longer available.

Should you see one that you like...
It may be possible to create one that is very similar to it for you given the availability of materials and so on.

Just a simple email to us with your request and we will naturally do our very best to create a special custom writing instrument just for you.
Please, click on the Styles below to view a picture listing of our prior hand made items...
Archived - Amero Classic Styles
Archived - Cigar and Jumbo Styles
Archived - Click Pen Styles
Archived - Euro Classic Styles
Archived - SlimLine Styles
Archived - Logo Pen Styles
Archived - Acrylic Pen Styles
Archived - Synthetic and Unusual Materials Styles
Archived - Comfort Pen Styles
Archived - Novelty Pen Styles
Archived - Fountain and Rollerball Pen Styles
Archived - Gentleman Pen Styles
Archived - Exotic and Rare Pen Styles
Archived - Specialty Pen Styles
(Box Elder Burl  Wood - RollerBall Style)
(Stabilized Spalted Maple - Double Twist Style)
(Acrylic White Pearl - Button Click Pen)
(Acrylic Celluloid Blue with White Swirl - Twist Pen)
(Exotic African Nigerian Ebony Wood - Twist Pen)
(Stabilized BoxElder Burl Wood - RollerBall - Masonic Emblem Finial Logo)
(Acrylic Blue Fleck - Double Twist Pen)
(Actual REAL Blue DENIM - EuroClassic Twist Pen)
(Stabilized Purple Maple Burl Wood - AmeroClassic RollerBall Style)
(Bocote Wood middle barrel - Rosewood & Blackwood on ends  - Teachers Twist Pen)
(Exotic Macassar Ebony Wood - Jr. Gentleman Fountain Style)
(Exotic White Tail Deer Antler - Cigar Style Double Twist)
(Acrylic Celluloid Dark Blue Crushed Velvet  - Sculptured Style Twist)
Archived - Bullet Point Pen Styles
(Solid Metal - Brass Rifle Shells and Copper Bullet  - Twist Style)
(Crimson Acrylic Celluloid - E-Z Grip Click Style - Rubberized grip not used)
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Why use just a pen...   When you could be using a beautiful handcrafted original writing instrument?
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Other Products
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