How To Order
Hope you have enjoyed your time with us so far... and that you will continue to stop by often.

We have tried to make your ordering  process as convenient as possible and still fair for all concerned.
1) PayPal for credit card and money wire users via our Website.

2) Checks, Postal Money Orders and Bank Cashier Checks
   for mail order users. (All funds should be in U.S. Dollars)
We Accept:
NOTE: PayPal no longer requires a membership with them to use their services.
Which makes it even easier to place an order via PayPal.
To Order With PayPal

  • Simply make a selection when you are looking thru the various web pages as you find something you like.

  • The item or items will be added to your shopping cart and kept up with for you as you go along.

  • Whenever you like, you can click on the "check my cart" link to see how things are progressing and then come back to shopping or...

  • When you are ready, you can just click to check out while in the "check my cart" page.

  • That's when you fill out your information...
  name, shipping address and credit card info, etc.

  • Be sure to print or keep a copy of your order confirmation for your records.

  • See... It's pretty simple. And very soon your items will be on their way to you.

  • Please know that this is a very safe and secure method of ordering as tremendous precautions and safeties are implemented for your continued protection at every step.
To Order by Mail

  • Simply jot down the item, price and brief description as you browse thru the web pages of the items you would like to order.

  • Once you are ready, just go to the " order page" link.

  • Then just print off the order form, fill in the information requested, include your payment and drop it into the mail.

  • Please make your check, cashiers check or money order payable in US Dollars to: My Custom

  • Note: Please... At the time that you make an order by mail... It is very important that you send an email right away to us telling us what you have ordered, so that we can set it aside for you in a sale pending status before someone else purchases it.

  • We will hold pending sell items for "ten" days awaiting the mail service delivery of your order and payment, which we feel is quite fair... but only if we receive an email letting us know of your ordered items.

  • Should we not receive your order in the mail in this time frame, we will have to regrettably return the products to active stock.

  • Another Note: For "check" payments that we receive... it will be necessary to hold the order until the check has had time to clear the bank. This is usually within "five to ten" days depending on whether the check is local, out of state, national or international in nature.

  • So you may want to allow additional time around the holidays, etc. if you plan to pay by check.
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