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These are what we believe are some pretty neat hand crafted items that may be of benefit for you and/or yours...

We have a variety of items... 
some unusual... some not so unusual...
some are just way cool!

 Pleaseclick on the item name below to see your choices and options.
We continue in our ongoing endeavor to create more and more unique and beautiful hand made items for your review and selection...

Meanwhile, thank you again for the time you have spent with us so far and we certainly hope that you are enjoying your visit.

Please, continue looking through the other pages at all of the other styles and products that we have currently available for your review and selection at this time and check back often as product availability changes frequently.

Now go ahead, enjoy the rest of your time with us and may 
God Bless you and yours...
Why use just a pen...   When you could be using a beautiful handcrafted original writing instrument?
See the NEW STUFF!!!
See our SPECIALS!!!
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Top Quality, Custom handmade items to be Proud of...
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