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Please know that not only do we want you to be pleased and satisfied with the craftsmanship and high quality of your product choices from us...

We also take great pride and care in protecting any information we receive concerning you and your visit to our website.

Therefore, we never sell or give ANY information concerning you to anyone else other than those who absolutely need it for processing your check or credit card as would be necessary to complete your order with us.

There are just too many ways out there these days that we loose our privacy... and we ABSOLUTELY hate that.

As a result, we have a strong commitment and firm belief in protecting your privacy and ANY information we receive concerning you during your visit with us.

If you have any questions... as always, please contact us.

Should you choose to follow one of the links on our pages to outside (other than our own) websites...
Please, review and read their Privacy Policies
as they are not in our control.

Now, enjoy our unique website

and may God Bless...
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