Pen Care
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Basic Care of Your Pen

Steps to take in order to enjoy your pens for years to come:

Do NOT...
leave your pen in the hot car or exposed to excessive heat or moisture.

Do NOT drop your pen…
hard impact can cause the materials and/or metal parts to chip, shatter, dent or break.

Do NOT...
polish your pen with an abrasive product…it will cause scratches to develop

Simply polish with a clean SOFT cloth occasionally.
Or you could use a fine “museum quality” wax
like we use as a final finishing step for our pens.

If you would like more info on Renaissance Wax™, please contact us.
It was specially developed for protecting fine museum pieces.

To change the ink refill…

On most styles…Simply pull the pen “straight” apart at the CENTER.
Unscrew the ink cylinder and replace with a like style refill easily found
at most office supply stores.

*****For "Power Point" Click Pens… unscrew the metal “tip”... NOT the middle to                 refill the ink. ("Button" Click pens pull straight apart from the center.)

*****For "Gemini" Click Pens…unscrew the metal “tip”... NOT the middle to refill the ink

***** For "Teachers" Pens… simply pull each individual end piece straight apart from the center piece to access the “mini” ink cylinders for replacement.

***** For "RollerBall" Pens... after you twist off the pen cap...
                          simply unscrew the metal writing tip to refill the ink

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We will do all we can to make your fine writing instrument owning experience the best possible.

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Top Quality, Custom Made Writing Instruments to be Proud of...
We offer our finely hand crafted, one of a kind writing instruments created from select woods, acrylics, acetates, gemstones, antler, horn, denim, snakeskin, bowling ball, corncob and more...
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Once you have made your selections, please know that we want you to be pleased and satisfied with the craftsmanship and high quality of your choices. We take great pride and care in crafting and producing our genuine handmade items. Therefore, we use only the best available materials in the creation processes
for these fine writing instruments.

High standards, unquestioned quality, outstanding craftsmanship and going the extra mile for our customers is what we believe will keep our business growing at an ever increasingly rapid pace.

Please, remember it is very important to take proper care of your items.

Click here - For Bullet Point Pen Care
Click here - For Fountain Pen Care
Specific Care for Certain Pen Styles
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