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Pen Care - Bullet Point
We offer our finely hand crafted, one of a kind writing instruments created from select woods, acrylics, acetates, celluloids, gemstones, antler, horn, denim, snakeskin, bowling ball, corncob and more...
"For Your Ongoing Writing Pleasure"
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Special Care of
Your Bullet Point Pens

Steps to take to be able to enjoy your pens for years to come:

Do NOT...
leave your pen in the hot car or exposed to excessive heat, cold or moisture.

Do NOT drop your pen…
hard impact can cause the materials and/or metal parts to chip, shatter or break.

DO... Simply polish with a clean SOFT cloth occasionally for general care.

Specific Care:

For Solid Metal Styles, Enhanced Styles and Elite Line Styles…

Polish the brass or nickel rifle shell casings and copper bullet point with a "quality" metal cleaner avoiding the clip, finial and other non-brass or non-nickel materials as scratches will develop from the caustic nature of the most metal cleaners.

You can quickly polish the clip, finial and other non-solid brass or nickel materials with a fine museum quality wax (Renaissance Wax tm)
like we use as the final finishing step for our all fine pens.

Do not use an abrasive type polish or wax on these areas of your fine pen.
If you would like more info on Renaissance Wax™, please contact us.
It was specifically developed for protecting fine priceless museum pieces.

To change the ink refill…

On most styles…Simply pull the pen straight apart at the CENTER.
Unscrew the refill cylinder and replace with a like style refill.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will do all we can to make your fine writing instrument owning experience
the absolute best possible.

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