Bat Houses
Bat Houses are quickly becoming very popular... Which we think is great!

Bat Houses are unique and a tremendous help to nature... if done correctly.

Guess what?
One of their main foods is "Mosquitoes"!

There has been much research on the best styles and methods used to better incorporate Bat Houses ( Bat roosting habitats) into your world.
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We have different Styles to select from... all carefully hand made to utilize the most current data available so that you and the Bats get the most from your Bat House experience.

We believe in high quality standards and are meticulous in carefully crafting each item for you by hand from the finest materials available.

Each Bat House is carefully hand crafted for you once your order request and information has been received.

Please, allow us "10" to "15" days to complete your design... pending any unforeseen event that delays our progress.
Please, click on the pictures below for a closer look...

Our Bat Houses are carefully hand crafted from the highest quality rough-cut solid Cedar, which weathers quite well over time. Each is skillfully constructed using glued seems and screws for added strength and durability. Also, for the ongoing protection and safety from moisture and weather conditions each Bat House is fully caulked and incorporates our longer design with thinner chambers. The internal roosting partitions are spaced 3/4" to 1" apart with roughened 3" to 6" landing areas extending below the entrance and a slant pitched roof.

These are all principle elements in higher occupancy levels.

Based on the latest research that we have been able to locate, we believe the design we build incorporates the elements necessary for the greatest potential for successful maternal colony occupancy.

It is highly recommended that either you select a style that is prepainted by us for "your region" or that you paint your Bat House prior to installation according to your region.
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We currently offer Three Chamber and Five Chamber versions.

Item# BH3-TBN001A
Our Price  $49.95  USD
We continue in our ongoing endeavor to create more and more unique and beautiful hand made items for your review and selection...

Meanwhile, thank you again for the time you have spent with us so far and we certainly hope that you are enjoying your visit.

Please, continue looking through the other pages at all of the other styles and products that we have currently available for your review and selection at this time and check back often as product availability changes frequently.

Now go ahead, enjoy the rest of your time with us and
may God Bless...
Important Bat House Information:
(Approximate Size: 24" to 25" tall (X) 7" to 8" wide (X) 4" to 8" deep)
Three Chamber Style - NOT Painted
Three Chamber Style - Painted
Our Price  $75.95  USD
Item# BH3-TBP002B
Five Chamber Style - NOT Painted
Our Price  $69.95  USD
Item# BH5-TBN001A
Five Chamber Style - Painted
Item# BH5-TBP002B
Our Price  $95.95  USD
(Approximate Size: 24" to 25" tall (X) 14" to 15" wide (X) 4" to 8" deep)
Three Chamber Style - NOT Painted
Our Price  $79.95  USD
Item# BH3-WBN001A
Three Chamber Style - Painted
Our Price  $105.95  USD
Item# BH3-WBP002B
Five Chamber Style - NOT Painted
Item# BH5-WBN001A
Our Price  $99.95  USD
Five Chamber Style - Painted
Our Price  $125.95  USD
Item# BH5-WBP002B
Click here for another view
Click here for another view
Picture Coming Soon...

Same as above, only wider and with additional ventilation slots.

We apologize for any inconvenience.
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