Domino Holders
(Dominos Not Included)
Wow... How WAY COOL is this?...

How many times have you tried to keep your Dominos together just right in a game and just couldn't seem to get them situated to where you could see them all at the same time...

You're in one of those domino games where you have to keep up with what seems like the whole set of Dominos or more... ALL at once...

Maybe you have a touch of arthritis in your hands or medical issues that just makes it impossible to handle your Dominos comfortably and play for any length of time...

You're just tired of the table getting nudged and down go the dominos... again!

Well, we think this is just a fabulous solution!

These handy, dandy little hand crafted Domino holders are ideal...

We make them from solid pine and you can choose stained and finished or natural, as shown above.

Children and folks of ALL ages think they are fun, helpful and just plain neat!

Each holder has "4" grooved slots separated perfectly and tilted at a slight backward angle for easy viewing of all Dominos and measures approximately
9 1/2"wide x 4 1/2"deep x 3/4"tall.

We believe in high quality standards and are meticulous in carefully crafting each item for you by hand from the finest materials available.

Each of the Domino holders will be hand made just for you once the order is received...

Please allow a week to 10 days for delivery, depending on the time of year.
Please, click on the pictures below for a closer look...
(Dominos Not Included)
(Dominos Not Included)
Our Price  $6.95  USD
Item# DH-NAT001A
Item# DH-NAT004D
Our Price  $24.95  USD
Our Price  $9.95  USD
Item# DH-STA001A
Our Price  $34.95  USD
Item# DH-STA004D
We continue to create more for you...
Meanwhile, thank you again for the time you have spent with us and we certainly hope that you have enjoyed your visit.

Please, continue looking through the other pages at all the other styles and products that we have for your review and selection at this time and check back often as product availability changes frequently.

Now go ahead, enjoy the rest of your time with us and may God Bless...
(Dominos Not Included)
Why use just a pen...   When you could be using a beautiful handcrafted original writing instrument?
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