Vanity Items
Vanity Items are a variety of pieces that are always popular AND useful.

We have a variety of Styles and materials to select from...
some unusual... some not so unusual...
some are just cool!

We believe in high quality standards and are meticulous in carefully crafting each item for you by hand from the finest materials available.

Each of our fine Vanity pieces is shipped in a velvet pouch for your convenience and
are carefully hand packed for shipping.
Please, click on the titles and/or pictures below for a closer look...
We offer our finely hand crafted, unique,
one of a kind perfume atomizers, mirrors, compacts, pill boxes and more for purse or table top created from select woods, acrylics, acetates, gemstones,
antler, bowling ball, and more...
"For Your Ongoing Convenience and Pleasure"
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Custom Handmade Original Items

Great Quality At Great Prices
Why use just a pen...   When you could be using a beautiful handcrafted original writing instrument?
(Aqua Acrylester Inlace - 24k Gold Finish- Perfume Atomizer)
Acrylic Purse Perfume Atomizer
Hand crafted and beautifully hand shaped from a solid block of acrylic Acrylester Inlace in vibrant Aqua with light aqua iridescence running throughout.
An exquisite convenient purse style perfume atomizer with a highly durable heavy 24k gold finished embellishments that is ideal to carry your favorite fragrance with you in genuine style. Featuring a spray nozzle atop a good sized internal perfume reservoir, Also included is a handy pump to easily fill the reservoir. An exciting combination of brilliant, shiney gold and brilliant aqua finished to a high glossy shine.
This is a premium purse perfume atomizer.
This richly colored material is skillfully handcrafted to show a gracefully shaped appearance and unique style. The final finishing step is a very special protective wax that was created to preserve, protect and beautify fine exhibit pieces in the Royal British Museum.
A genuinely impressive statement
and the look of true distinction for you.
(Length: approximately 4" overall)
Our Price  $32.95  USD
Item# PPA-AAA001A
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