Knife/Blade Sharpeners
These Blade Sharpeners are very popular... Which we think is great!

Unfortunately... the supply of elements used to make them is VERY limited and so unless we get a new supply... we only have a limited number available!

We believe in high quality standards and are meticulous in carefully crafting each item for you by hand from the finest materials available.

Each of our fine Blade Sharpeners are hand crafted using fine grain dense glass lighting element shafts with beautiful unique naturally shed deer antler handles.

Use: Just stroke the blade up and down the sharpener shaft like you would while using a kitchen knife steel.
Please, click on the pictures below for a closer look...
Why use just a pen...   When you could be using a beautiful handcrafted original writing instrument?
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Personal Creations
Top Quality, Custom handmade Knife Blade Sharpeners to be Proud of...
These sharpeners are VERY LIMITED quantities

Once our supply of elements is gone ...

Unfortunately so are the sharpeners.

SO... get yours while you can!
(Blade Sharpener - Deer Antler Handle)
Limited Quantity Available
Blade Sharpener Samples
Order Knife/Blade Sharpeners

We usually have several of our hand crafted Knife/Blade Sharpeners on hand but our selection is getting slimmer.
Please, let us choose one of our fine Knife/Blade Sharpeners for you..

Knife/Blade Sharpener#KBS-DA0000$10.95ea.

God Bless our Troops and The USA
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